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Do you want us to develop your website? We know you want it and we are glad and happy to help you!

Our web design services helps your business reaches out more people and increases your sales that you have never experienced before. If you don’t want to have headache of planning, designing, and maintaining your website, you are lucky to have us.

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* USD Rate: $1 = 60Php. Choose Currency at your convenience.

  • Customized Logo – A stunning logo would be more attractive rather than using a captioned title. We are happy to create your own logo with a one time fee of $10.00.
  • Social Media – This feature helps a lot in advertising your articles and products as well. Any viewer who click the LIKE or SHARE button will boost the internet appearance of your article and the website as a whole.
  • Number of Pages – The less than equal to symbol means that your pages should not exceed to what is stated. Normally we charged $10 for every additional pages you want and we give discount for many pages.
  • Member’s Login – We can give option of allowing your visitors to be a member of your site. Thus, they can view also pages which are restricted to normal visitors and also the privilege to be a subscriber, author, or editor.
  • Admin Manager – These feature allows you to have overall access to the backend where you can edit/modify anything you want.
  • Enhanced Images – To be able to add more beauty to your site, your images should have nice edge, and edited.
  • Content Updating – This feature allows you to be the administrator and you can update any content of your website.
  • SEO Feature – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now a must in every website for you to get you on top of the searches in every search engine.
  • Hosting/Domain – Hosting of 5 gigabyte is given to every web design package with additional fee except for super web design package.
  • Cpanel Access – It is important to have cpanel access of your site aside from back-end access. This allows you to view storage status, website statistics, block visitors, etc.
  • Custom Email – A personalized email from your domain is important for your visitors would know that the email is a privately owned by a person like you (ex: you@yourdomain.com).