PC Repair

Do you have problems with your personal computer? Does it freezes frequently? And unwanted messages pops out? How many times you brought it to repair shop?

We can help you revived your PC’s stability and speed. We can repair your PC remotely without worrying of your files and hardware be theft.

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USD Rate: $1 = Php 60.00. Choose any currency at your convenience.

Remote PC Repair – Terms and Agreement

  • Your computer should have internet connection.
  • Your computer should be turned on throughout the repair process.
  • Computer should not be used by anybody while the repair process is going on.
  • You should be aware that we repair your computer remotely via the internet. Thus, mouse movements and object’s action in your computer monitor is normal.
  • 50% down payment is required to start the repair service.
  • You will complete the whole payment after the repair process.


Rest assured that our repair services is 100% guaranteed. Our staff are NC2- Computer Hardware Servicing certified as awarded and recognized by Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA).