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We can help you also with your daily transactions by providing you systems solutions that makes you more productive and efficient in serving your clienteles.

Systems are very important in every organization, agencies, schools, and institutions where bulk data are needed to accomplish in a limited time. You need us to make your work easier.

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  • Introduction Screen – This form appears before the main screen be displayed or just after the login form. It displays the name of the system as well as the version, copyright information, and authors’ name.
  • Login Form – Gives security in accessing your system. This is very important especially in businesses. Static means a constant username and password is provided which is very crucial if others knew already knew it. A request to change it can be done only by the programmer. Dynamic means you can change your password anytime you want with your access level, and the administrator can even limit other users in using other parts of the system by giving access levels.
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Save – This is the core transactions in your system where you can add/modify/remove and update items/products and others in your system depending in your access level.
  • Searching – Looking for a record in the database with thousands of data is very difficult. But by adding searching command into your system helps you a lot in finding a record with just a click and have it be printed right away.
  • Listing View – Records in the database can be displayed real-time via a list view control or in a data grid.
  • Client/Server – In a network environment, client/server mode is highly recommended where you as the owner don’t need to share your computer to your secretary or any person in your network, but they just access the system via their own computer connected in the network.
  • Multi-user – A system with multi-user feature is not prone to data theft. Every user have their own username and password which is their sole accountability.
  • Report Printing – If you want to submit reports, you can print the whole records by date, user, or summary of all data.
  • Backup Feature – This is another important part of your system where you can backup and restore your system’s data to ensure accuracy whenever records has been crashed.
  • Database – An access database is very limited to the number of data can be hold but it is recommended to small businesses that holds thousands of data. But, a MySQL driven system can handle even a million records and more.