Data Recovery

Lost files? Don’t worry, we can bring it back!

We can help you recover your documents, pictures, songs, and videos even if it’s deleted or reformatted from any devices like Memory Cards, Hardisks, Flashdrives, Phone’s memory, etc.

Website Recovery Service is applicable only for those who are hosted in our servers. Please read our terms and agreement page.

Let HostScripter Recover your FILES NOW!

USD Rate: $1 = Php 60.00. Choose any currency at your convenience.


Data Recovery Service – Terms and Agreement

  • If you choose to send us your device, you will shoulder the shipping fees.
  • We will recover your files remotely. Meaning, we will do the recovery process online and we will not even see nor touch your computer personally.
  • Your computer should have internet connection so as we can do the recovery service.
  • Your computer should be turned on throughout the process.
  • Computer should not be used by anybody while the recovery process is going on.
  • You should be aware that we use your computer remotely via the internet. Thus, mouse movements and object’s action in your computer monitor is normal.
  • 50% down payment is required to start the recovery service.
  • You will complete the whole payment after the repair process.


We are assuring you that our service is risk free since our online agents were NC 2 – Computer Hardware Servicing certified that was recognized by Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA).