We know that most of the readers didn’t stay long to read this boring series of text but we strongly and highly advise that you read the following specific Terms and Agreements between you and HostScripter Web Services.

Don’t worry, we made it simple and easy to understand by our readers and especially our members.

A. Orders. Hosting plans are fixed as posted.

B. Activation. Your orders will be activated as fast as 15 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours propagation to our servers upon receipt confirmation of your payment. For student’s package, you agree to input in your footer credits to HostScripter Web Services as your Web Hosting Provider.

C. Payment. You can send your payment via BDO cash deposit to (Acct# 0034-2007-8557) and other remittance centers. The account name is HostScripter Web Services for BDO transactions.

D. Upgrades. This is not included in the discount code whenever there is. You can upgrade any time during your account is active (after activation

E. Renewals. You can pay for the renewal as early as while your account is active or within 10 days while your hosting is temporarily locked for viewing. Else, your account and all files will be deleted. It is advised that you backup your files before your account will expires.

F. Promos. You need to input the Discount Code in your orders to avail the discount into your orders. Seasonal promotional discount code is posted in the site.

G. Technical Support. For support and assistance with regards to your hosting account is limited to the following: Password Resetting, Free Scripts Installation, Cpanel Access, Domain Orders, Account Problems

H. Backup/Recovery Service. In cases you need a backup of your site, and request us to do it for you, this backup service has a fee of P100.00 . Backup service is not applicable in situation where your site was hacked or expired. As mentioned, if your site was hacked, we do recovery service with a fee of equal to your yearly hosting fee. If your website was already expired, we will be charging you 0.2 USD per file we successfully retrieved. Restoration services has a separate fee if you want us to restore your website. We do not guarantee 100% recovery service, but we will do our best to recover and retrieve your files.

Updated: November 2022

“This TERMS is subject to CHANGE w/o NOTICE.”