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How to get a Google Playstore Account?

Mar 21, 2018   //   by   //   Android, Apps, Blog, Playstore  //  No Comments

Do you want to publish your APPs at Google Playstore? Do you have a credit card, mastercard, or visacard with at least $25 balance? and Do you have a website for your APPs? If your answer is Yes, then you are ready to publish your app in the playstore.

One thing more to consider is, the content of your app which includes wordings, phrasings, most especially the photos, must be self-made by you or your developer. If any contents is found to be a copy or downloaded from other sources, then your app will not be published and your account will be banned for publishing apps.

So much for that, here are the steps on how create a Google Playstore account:

    1. Open any browser and login at
    2. Visit
    3. Put a checkmark on the option “I agree and I am willing to associate my account registration …” and click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.
    4. Fill in the required information as shown above with the Name, Card Number, Date of Expiration, CVC code that is located at the back of the card, and Billing Address, and select PAY.
    5. Congratulations. You have your own Playstore Account.


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